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Dovan Going Green

Incorporating green practices into property management is quickly becoming a nationwide priority, and the Dovan management Group is no exception.

Dovan Management has gone paperless.

  • All monthly financial reports will be delivered via email.

    • This helps with timely delivery.

  • All correspondence with the Board and Association members is done via email.

    • No Postage expense, No Envelopes to throw away.

  • All paid bills and deposits receipts are scanned to a disk at the end of each year. The disk is given to the Board and one is held on to by Dovan Management Group.

    • No Boxes needing storage, No storage space rental fees.

Dovan Management Group is constantly instituting a range of practices to make associations more eco-friendly. Though it makes people feel good to be a part of a community that is proactive about saving the environment, in today’s economy, cost efficiency is what matters most. Fortunately, the latest eco-friendly practices in the property management industry increase recycling and save money. These are the types of green policies that will last.

Dovan Management Group, has become a leader in finding ways to reduce waste and save money at the same time.

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Dovan Management - Property Management NJ
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